Investment Management

As your investment manager, Galaxy Wealth Management, LLC  frees you from the obligation of monitoring and managing your portfolio. Our investment-management professionals are skilled at risk profiling, asset allocation, and investment selection. Together, we will help you find a personalized path toward achieving your investment goals.

We offer the following discretionary investment portfolios, AMP, SMA, UMA using ENVESTNET Wealth Management Platform and those assets Custodied at Pershing, LLC and Fidelity ( National Financial Services, LLC).

Asset Allocation Portfolios ($5,000 minimum per account). Our asset-allocation strategies seek an attractive total return while managing downside risk. They may use no-load mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and cash alternatives. Adjustments in allocations are made for taxable versus non-taxable accounts. Active strategies employ funds utilizing active security selection, while Passive strategies utilize index funds.

  • Aggressive - Active or Passive                   
  • Moderate Aggressive - Active or Passive
  • Moderate - Active or Passive
  • Moderate Conservative - Active or Passive
  • Conservative - Active or Passive
  • Ultra Conservative - Active or Passive

Equity-Income Portfolio ($50,000 minimum per account) – Our Equity-Income strategy is comprised of approximately 15-20 individual stocks. While dividend income is a priority, growth, valuation, and risk are important components of the stock selection process.

Core-Equity Portfolio ($50,000 minimum per account). – Our Core-Equity strategy is comprised of approximately 15-20 individual stocks. Growth through total return is the primary objective, but valuation and risk are important components of the stock selection process.

Growth-Equity Portfolio ($50,000 minimum per account) – Our Growth-Equity strategy is comprised of approximately 15-20 individual stocks. Future price appreciation and consistent EPS growth are the driving factors in stock selection, but financial stength and a commitment to R&D also are required. The strategy is appropriate for investors seeking aggressive growth.

Fixed-Income Portfolio ($50,000 minimum per account) – Our Fixed-Income strategies are tailored utilizing individual bond issues to solve for the client's specific needs. Fixed-Income portfolios are managed based on the client's need for income, the timing/duration of the income stream, and default risk. Adjustments are made for taxable versus non-taxable accounts.

Balanced Portfolios ($50,000 minimum per account) – Our Balanced Portfolios contain stocks from either the Equity-Income or Core-Equity Portfolios and bonds from the Fixed-Income Portfolio. Clients can also choose from three different Equity/Fixed-Income targets depending on their objectives. Adjustments are made for taxable versus non-taxable accounts.

      •  70% Equity / 30% Fixed-Income
      •  50% Equity / 50% Fixed-Income
      •  30% Equity / 70% Fixed-Income

Accounts below $25,000. Galaxy Wealth Mangement, LLC can also serve as an investment manager for accounts that do not meet the minimum investment requirement for the strategies above. On a discretionary basis, we will select either no-load mutual funds or exchange-traded funds for our clients. Adjustments are made for taxable versus non-taxable accounts.


Investment Consulting

Many of our clients need assistance with investment accounts that are unable to be transferred to one of our investment management portfolios.  401(k) and 403(b) retirement savings plans are common account types that fall into this situation. Usually, an employee can't withdraw his or her 401(k)/403(b) account until he/she retires or leaves their job. Without a qualified adviser, most people take too much or too little risk, they are inadequately diversified, or they simply select the wrong investments.  Galaxy Wealth Management, LLC strives to ensure that our clients have the correct asset allocation structure to coincide with the current economic environment and their individual financial strategy. Our firm continuously monitors economic changes and clients receive updated recommendations upon request


We provide the following investment consulting services:


  • Asset Allocation Analysis and Recommendations
  • Third-Party Investment Manager Search and Recommendations
  • Security Analysis and Recommendations
  • Performance Reporting


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