Wealth,  Health & Happies

In holiday seasons, we will meet to enjoy a glass of wine and flower arrangements and discuss any financial matter that comes to mind. We are an informal group of women and man who meet to discuss financial and related issues affecting us. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, to learn and, if you wish, provide your own insight to others questions. We believe financial education is every important for all women and man. Not to become an expert but to be an informed consumer.

Life sometime is challenge, such as divorce or become widow.  Financial independence can be overwhelming when happened during a time of stress.It is important to understand your financial situation before you are on your own and if you are already on your own it is important to ensure that you are on a path to success.

In addition,  when you become finnacial freedom, you also need health to live in your happy life. In every Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, we have a group of people to have different sports activities. Such as dance, Golf, pickball, tennis, Tai Chi and Volleyball etc. Caiqin Li professionally trained in medical science in US and has master degree of medica science from University of Minnesota and she also specially trained in many sports activies especially syncronized gymnastics from Shanghai University of Sports. We not only care about your wealth, but also care about your health and guide you to live your health happy Life.

We have fun, we laugh, we learn and we support each other. We hope you can join us at our next meeting.Please Contact Us at 9548269765 to find out more details.